Andy Torres and Why she influenced me a lot!

courtesy of StyleScrapbook

Oh i bet the fashion conscious and those fashion bloggers regardless in which country you are from assuredly known this Mexican lady who located in Amsterdam named as Andy Torres! she is a blogger, model, host, actor and celebrity (of course!) and to the top of it, she is my fashion influencer! initially, i know her from the phenomena lookbook web loooong time ago when everybody was crazy over the page sharing on their #ootd and desperately chasing the 'like' to be at the top and there was Andy whos always there the highest rank!

Why her? why not other famous bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan, Dian Pelangi or Dina Tokio perhaps? oh i do following, loving and adoring them yet Andy's fashion sense is more defining my kinda fashion style! she got that feminine marrying with the masculine vibe as clearly shown in the outlook above and yeahhh lot of her other fashion post too. it is so relaxing, effortless, NO high-heels! haha and extruding streetstyle sense and yeah, they are so me! thus, if you are not aware of her existence, please do follow her blog at StyleScrapbook, her IG StyleScrapbook

Nah one of her interview with the TED, an old video but its motivating me to work hard! best of luck Andy, you are so admirable and sure, im dying to meet ya (of course!) but idk its quite impossible?? LOL nothing is impossible right haha so, hopefully on one fine day. btw, i was just in the mood of sharing something personal since the last few post are all about events, publishing and throwback travelog duhhhh...So thanks for reading and Have a nice weekend everybody! :)


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  1. My God! I love Andy Torres too! She's my inspiration XD If someone asked me who is my favorite blogger that she is! ♥

    visit My Little Cream Button ♥ Instagram ♥ Bloglovin ♥


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