Europe Trip: Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland (Part 3)

Cliffs of Moher is one of the Ireland's Wonders. located at the edge of Europe, County Clare which took about 5 hours journey from Dublin. maximum height is 214 metres above the Atlantic ocean. it is one of the top tourist attraction in Ireland as well as it becomes famous after being appeared in numerous media such the 'cave' scene from the Harry Porter and The Half Blood Prince, PS I Love You, MV clip of My Love by Westlife and also Runaway by Maroon 5.

Seriously, the weather and the wind were no joking! i guess the temperature was around 10 degree yet when the wind 'attacking' it descended to 3 degree or less! yup thats explaining the long coat and fur hoodie in which i forgot to wear a glove LOL haha we're not actually expecting that Ireland gonna be that cold during the autumn LOL anyhow, here are the look of the 'adventurous' journey that we've gone through to reach the very last edge of the cliffs.
natural trail with no barriers,. it was FUN yet in the same time it was quite scareyyy! haha i guess if you come during summer or any season with no strong wind, it will be simple but my visit here was accompanying with rough wind and foggy sight which was really adventurous!
lembu bulu bulu yang relax je takde effect with angin kuat giler and sejuk giler! LOL
we're stuck here as the wind were extremely strong and we can't even balancing oursleves. theres no anything to hold and the steps are narrow and hey, look at that slope! errr..then, fyi that fences are actually generating electricity source. haha cannot grip lahh. so, we stuck here for a while..
me looking cool at the Cliffs Of Moher!
me Behind The Scene LOL hahaha seriously the wind was really strong and uncontrollable! XD
the road trip continuing back towards Dublin
just another stop to view the era of 12th Century Corcomroe Abbey
 another stop at the chocolate house which at first i did not fancy at all (coz im not a fan of choc though!)
but then, my babe bought this sweety and Goshhhhh i've never taste any delectable chocolate like this before!! trust me, these cutie makes me feel that chocolate is delicious for the first time ever! so, spend your Euro here as its totally worthy!

We were actually taking the 1 Day Tour package which you can easily purchase from the 'Tourist Information' at the Dublin city. sold at 45 (approx. RM180) per person inclusive fees of Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, Galway Bay and Limerick (in which the focus is only at the Cliffs of Moher whilst others are lallalalla) yet excluded lunch. they will stop at a cafe in the Doolin Village otw back to Dublin but for those Muslim, please bring your lunch box as No Halal foods are being served (of course!)

Oh please noted that the bus will be departed from Dublin city at 6.30am! LOL we're late as when we arrived they were actually about to depart! hahaha can't forget that moment as we're too dehydrated on the night before. then, journey took about 12 hours in total when we got back to Dublin, it was already 8pm! Wooohhh undeniably tiring yet one of my BEST MEMORY ever!! Alhamdulillah for this great trip.  :')

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf


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  1. The view is amazing! Wish I could come here someday

  2. salam kenal...

    cantik2nya gambar.. pegi sendiri ke or by package?

  3. Mira --> InsyAllah one day u will!! trust ur dream ok :D

    K.Asyik & Ayu --> yup indeed it is so admirable, cant believe that i was there lorh...thanks a lot babes!

  4. Azian--> wasalam.....thanks a lot! great u love those photos hehe kami pergi berdua je as my friend is studying in Dublin so i was there bcoz of he invited us haha XD

  5. cantiknyaaaaaa...mintak itinerary bleh???

  6. lembu biri2.. kdg2 ada juga yg black sheep.. :)

  7. sorry yuyu i dodnt see ur comment lol, will try my best to conclude my europe trip lol...but NO PROMISE yar huhu pls keep on track by liking my FB page :) tqsm


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