Look #179 - Tartan Shirt by #monkistyle

Monki Tartan Shirt / Bershka Jeans / Nike Airmax / LZD Bag via Lazada

As the title mentioned, the highlight is that tartan shirt which is from Monki. not very cheap i would claim as it was sold at RM100 per piece. material is a high quality of 100% cotton that would explaining the price tag, well i guess. fyi Monki is a brand under the H&M that specify in oversized garments and funky designs! believe it or not, mine here is a size of XXS! hahaha feeling small and slimmer whereas my standard size for a shirt is normally M or L LOL

By the way, this 'love locks' location is not in Namsan Tower or even that bridge in Paris LOL surprisingly, it was in Penang Hill / Bukit Bendera that was taken during my previous road trip. can't wait to share with you guys the full story of the short trip. seriously it was short and freaking sweat sweet! haha please do expect the rambling of The Best Hostel in Penang, The Best Foods in Penang, The Famous Street arts in Penang and some other exciting little details of Penang that makes it one of the most visited place in Malaysia. hehe stay tune!

Photographed by SyazwaniIbrahim and SyafiqahHashim


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  1. so the love locks is in Penang XD Wah it means if I could visit Malaysia I would visit this place too!
    Love your tartan shirt ^^ ♥

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