Crazy by 4Minute

Anyeong! =D

Kpop does not fade in my playlist even for a second although it was quite a long time that i haven't share any in here. gosh this latest in KPOP is a comeback by 4 Minute who always ensure they bring something different for the fans.

This single stole my attention when i watched it fro the first time on the Mnet show. as usual, two main reasons of my determination; killer song ft killer choreography! watch the MV instead

Well, B&W is never fail! they really into that character, the fierce and kinda rebellious one. i'd say Hyuna turns 360% from her seductive-bubble-pop attitude successfully. OK i want that caps!

Oh my fav part would be the chorus of 'c-r-a-z-y Michin Geotcheorom Geure Michin Geotcheorom' it will definitely make your body move on everytime you heard that part. err idk but i heard an arabic music influenced within it?? lorh

Honestly, i see 2NE1 in this concept (yup, can't deny it haha as its quite obvious though) yet nevertheless, it goes well with 4 Minute too. so why bother?! LOL and hey, i fan both of them. c'mon guys just give your support to all the girls and 4 Minute is always Daebak!

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