Look #172 - Laduree

HM Scarf / F21 Sweater / GUESS Jeans / Bag from Primark / Boots from Bandung / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Salam and Hey Happy Weekend!

This is simply just another comfort zone kinda look. a jeans and a shirt combo is always my utmost liking regardless on the story behind it! haha honestly, i've forgotten my jacket as we're leaving our luggage at the RER station LOL. adding to the flaws, it was raining HEAVILY just an hour before this photo was taken. yup it was cold yet thank gaddd the sweater is quite thick to warm my body.

I love being like this. a pair of jeans could never leave me yet as it is always comfy to stroll along the streets of this Champ-Elysees freely and wonder-less of those pickpocket. well, i found my new MUST-HAVE item when going for travel (especially at the city), a Sling Bag! i've been wearing this bag since the day i splurged it from Primark London. it is able to store my essential items perfectly; Cash, CC, Passport and a lip balm!

Will continue my Paris #travelog Part 3 and Part 4 (Disneyland) very soon yar. thanks a lot guys for visiting and reading. i LOVE you to the moon and back LOL. btw, not feeling very well these few days. so, hopefully this weekend is beneficial enough for me to rest my body and mind. HOPEFULLY......

Photographed by FarahYusuf


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