Modern Classics Style Essentials at H&M

Elegance and versatility is the key to a collection of city essentials for Spring 2015 at H&M. It’s a range of clean lines, quality materials and feminine shapes that are set to become new women’s wear classics. There’s a particular focus on fabric, with pieces in linen, suede and silk. The collection will be available in selected H&M stores from March 12 onwards.

At the beginning of the season, it’s crucial to set the foundations for the months to come. Each piece in this collection works as part of a city look, yet is versatile enough to wear for leisure time, at weekends, and even on holiday as the weather begins to warm. It’s the details that count, with new ideas for dressing that will bring a feminine precision to everyday style.

Here some of my pick!

With a cut inspired by judo outfits, this linen wrap jacket offers a soft new take on tailoring. fancying its light material, that simple pattern which is easy to be matched with 
and yup, the cutting!

This piece is ensembles sexiness in the right place. the embellishment stands out very well when combining with the dark material and idk why i love this kinda cutting. LOL

P/S : Will ONLY be available in H&M LOT 10 stores from March 12 onwards.


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