Europe Trip: Sunny Second Day in Paris (Part 3)

lovely! you can witness the whole city at the top.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica


The second day initiated aggressively as we need to rush to the East side of Paris (which is quite far from city) by evening. so, this charming architectural is a Roman Catholic church which was completed in 1914! it is located at the highest point of the city which enable you to admire the Paris city wholeheartedly. well, as claimed by my babe aka the tour guide, one of the reason that made this church is so unique probably because it resembles the mosque's design on the dome part hmmm not really sure on that fact but i do agree that it looks like a mosque. lorh hehe

Oh finally, i got the chance to walk inside it and fancying the aesthetic interior. yup, it OPEN TO PUBLIC and NO CHARGE for the entrance. no worry, this place is real-pack with tourist of all religious and i'm just an arts lover who's appreciating various kinda arts. :)

Do not fret about getting the souvenirs / gifts as those both photos are actually the road in front of the Sacre-Coeur. two rows of these shop lots are selling no other that fridge magnet, key-chain, postcard, bags, mugs, music box, snow globe and etc etc. as usual, price is negotiable / normal lol OK you can be reached this place by taken Metro Line 2 or 12 to the Pigalle Station

Palais Garnier 

Or better known as Opera House which is undeniably the most famous opera house in the world! it is finished in the year of 1875 and designed by the architect named, Charles Garnier which explaining the name of the house. gosshhhhh we're not thinking of getting inside or perhaps, watching any play / musical that showing because as always, time consuming is our forever obstacle! i'm dying inside here while writing on this travelog because the interior is much much more alluring. stunning photos below are courtesy of here

Goshhhh!! The Grand Staircase (courtesy of here)
Goshhhh!! The Grand Foyer (courtesy of here)

Based on idesignarch France is known for their opulent Baroque style interior decor (which i fancy the most!) and Beaux-arts for the exterior. Goshhh seriously, the staircase and that foyer are so-extremely luxurious and admirable and yup, so phantom-of-the-opera too! undeniably, I'd definitely will include the watching-musical-in-Palais Garnier in the list whenever i gotta chance to be in Paris again! Btw, Opera Metro station is one of the central station which you could take Line 7, 8 or 3

Galeries Lafayette

Honestly, idk why this shopping mall claimed to be as one of the famous and MUST-go place to be included in the Paris attractions. by looking at the google image, i guess its because of the lavish interior which i failed to capture. please see the last photo on the right. yup it open on MONDAY to SATURDAY !!! and we're there snapping those shot on SUNDAY !! goshhhhh it close!! peeps, please noted on the operating hours! btw Metro Galeries Lafayette station can be reached via Line 7 or perhaps you could just walk from the Opera as this shopping area is located just behind the Opera House

La Vallée Village (Designer Outlets)

Hey remember my London travelog which featuring the Bicester Village? yup as familiar as the name, both are under one company. noted that this place is located far away from the city which you need to ride a RER Train towards the Marne-La-Valley Chessy (Disneyland / last station) and stop at the station named Val D' Europe (which is the 2nd last station). then, from the RER station you need to walk approx 20 minutes ?? yup, seriously its not a stone's throw distance and noted that the shuttle service only runs on Sunday.

I'm not sure where to get the shuttle because we're there on Sunday but it was already 6.30pm when we reached and not-to-be surprised the village is close at 7.00pm! so, 20 minutes for a shopping spree is SERIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE! i was super frustrated yet it was our own mistake. anyhow, you could see the joining brands in lavallevillage just fyi you will pass a shopping mall otw towards the village which i could see HM Mango etc etc that kinda streetwear logo on the building.

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf.

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