Europe Trip: Le Champs Elysees and A Night in Paris (Part 4)

Avenue Des Champs-Élysées


This was actually our last day in Paris before departed to Dublin. so, we're decided to stroll along this world-famous boulevard which cater hotels, cafes, popular branding such as HM, Nike, House of Benetton, Sephora and luxurious houses of LV, Lancel, Guerlain and etc etc. honestly, we just went there for the sake of visiting as shopping was the last thing in mind LOL. trust me when people affirmed that this street is one of the most expensive in the world as that bold-red-sporty-car is kinda 'taxi' that will drive you whenever you wanna go! Oh the famous LADUREE is also here!! btw you could stop at the station named Champs Elysees Clemenceau via Line 1 or 13 


Goshhhh people if you ever gotta chance coming to Paris, please put aside an amount as min as RM2700 because can't believe it that LV is that 'cheap' ?! HAHAHHA not really affordable on my side too but atleast compared to the one in the BB showroom (which is nak masuk pun rasa seram tak diundang je kan? LOL) here in its hometown, assuredly offering a better bargain. well, we're initially looking for the cheapest item which is a Passport Holder perhaps? HAHAHA but mission failed too as they were being sold at approx. RM400 because our budget was like only RM200 LOL hence, we're just finding our own way to the exit door LOL LOL LOL


Sorry for mashing up this 3rd part as obviously, this night walk was happening on the 1st day which that blogpost already blow up with those HD photos. so, i just need to separate it and mix it in this 4th Part. anyhow, PARIS is definitely THE CITY OF LIGHT! lovely on a day and absolutely stunning on a night. everything is just so mesmerizing, the building, the street, the arc, the bridge and of course the Eiffel! both the Fountain and Obelisk Luxor are located at the end of Champs-Elysees. well, that fountain (photos at the top on the right side) is such a breathtaking one. unfortunately, not really having a good photo with it because at this moment we're super dehydrated. thus, 2 3 shots were more than enough. then, we continue walking towards the Tour...

Pont de Bir-Hakeim (Inception Bridge)

Hehehe despite the reason that the bridge is looking so majestic and so mysterious, i fancy the fact that my Beloved Hubby aka Abg Leonardo DiCaprio had also been here to shoot his movie of Inception!! AAAMAAIGADDDD!!! err i know he was not there during my presence but well, i feel so close with him now. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA sorry he is my Huge Crush since the Romeo and Juliet LOL. btw, watch the scene in here it is located just in front of Bir-Hakeim Metro station via LINE 6 or you could just walk all the way from the Tour Eiffel about 10 minutes which along the way, people are selling various kind of souvenirs; those Eiffel miniature and etc.

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf.

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