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By Tuesday, February 03, 2015 , ,

MONKI Cap and Jacket / Topshop Jogger / HM Scarf and Boots

Again, another silent on these few days. sorry peeps, i am still busy doing my own stuff and err the emotion is quite unstable that preventing me to blog aka NOT in the mood lorh. even my eyes are tearing (coz i am dem sleepy now!) while writing on this entry yet i need to and i must to update something in here. hehe the reason would be, hey i'll fly on tomorrow morning! 

Nah lets talk about this whole #ootd which is so independent, enjoyable and indeed, a sporty look. the key feature would be that Emmy Jacket by MONKI which will be sold at RM280. i fancy the pattern especially the colour combo. obviously, a show stopper and that both pocket make it more perfect! then, Rise Cap also by MONKI which will be sold at RM60. both items are S/S 2015 Collection that will be available on 10th Feb 2015.

Oh that jogger is my favourite! warm and very comfortable. sorry i can't help it mata dah terpejam pejam nih. continue later, Goodnight dear readers :)


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  1. wah stylo habis. btw done follow u dear, follow mine too :) - Noob


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