Food in Paris : Firmine Bar & Pizzeria, Paris

 Iced lemon tea / Onion soup / Bread / Tuna pasta

Salam Foodies! :)

I'm so anticipated to share some food info in within the travelog posts. apart of avoiding the ridiculous loading (from the massive pileup of my HD photos), i'm so sure that this sharing is beneficial for you guys (especially the Moslim). yup honestly, it is quite hard to get Halal food in this city. thus, this dining is happened when we're both famished and looking something good for our Brunch! we're walking around the Tour Eiffel and finally, we chose this cafe instead of others which is quite hesitant on our side.

Let me first clarify on the Halal status in here. obviously NO SIGN of halal because its an Italian restaurant and selling alcoholic drinks. yup, it doesn't serve any pork yet it is basically a cafe of pizza and pasta as the name mentioned yet we still seeking an advise from the waiter either they cook the dishes with wine nor not.

After reviewing the menu and ingredients that contain inside it, we chose Tuna Pasta because other pasta is being cooked with some chicken/beef. then, we wanted a mushroom soup yet the VERY FRIENDLY, ENGLISH-spoken and HOTTIE-CUTIE-COMES-WITH-DIMPLES waiter suggested us to try on their local dish, the Onion soup instead. 

OK The taste. well, tuna pasta is a bit too cheesy for me which i had enough after few mouthfuls and oh oh Onion soup is surprisingly very good though a bit salty for our taste buds. anyhow, the foods are not over-the-top ranking but the they are good and goes well with our malay-tongue LOL sorry as i did not record the cost but i believe the price are fare and trust me as lot of positive reviews from the other too here / here  btw, why we don't pick any pizza since it is their signature dish? because all of them are mixed with chicken/meet which is not Halal on our side. so, we avoid it....

Foods : 4/5
Price : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Location : 4.5/5 (38 Avenue de Suffren / Tour Eiffel)


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  1. How lovely... I miss French Onion Soup..the ones you can get there in Europe... it was my favourite there too..

    drop by and lets be friends.... hugs and have a good trip...


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