Look #171 - Paris, la ville de l'amour (Photo Diary)

By Thursday, February 12, 2015 , ,

HM Scarf / Long Coat Basic Shirt Sling Bag from Primark London / GUESS Jeans / 
Boots from Bandung / Mini Cooper Sunnie / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Salam Jumu'ah and Hey TGIF!

Well again and again, sorry for the hiatus. i am still busy juggling my own life and not really into the mood of blogging lorh. yup already coming back from Guangzhou, China Alhamdulillah. haha yet now i'm finally continuing my Paris story-tale. lets start with the #ootd post which has been captured at some of the most-famous places in Paris inclusive Champ De Mars,  Notre Dame De Paris and the Pyramide Du Louvre.

Goshhh how can someone not falling in love with Paris?? the whole city is so fascinating! the clear blue sky stands out wondrously behind me and the natural lighting contributes so much to the perfectness of each shot. yup all these photos are with NO FILTER !

Well this few shots are just a sneak peek on what you could expect when i start to blog about my Paris trip. haha feeling anticipated now?! yup you should as i am myself couldn't wait to share them lorh but time consuming is my only obstacle. hmmm..i promise it will coming very soon.

Photographed by FarahYusuf


Truly, to Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return. 
Semoga diterima segala amalan-amalannya dan ditempatkan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz di syurga Allah amin. Al Fatihah... 


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