Look #166 - The Bridesmaid

By Tuesday, January 06, 2015 , ,

 Unbranded Scarf / Calaqisya Dress / Clutch from Medina / Edge Chunky Heels via ZaloraMy

Salam and Hey, Happy New Year! :)

Note that this is not a 2015 welcoming post which i promise will post it very soon. yup later will story in detail on what was happening for the past two weeks which was a hectic one. huhu

Anyway, this look is absolutely bizarre huh?! haha yup i do own number of dresses but not this kinda dress which comes with a straight cutting (an abaya kinda style?). hey that detailing is very much crucial as it effected the whole look, either it helps to slimmer my petite size or the opposite!

Well, two reasons of me getting this dress; one is because i was appointed as bridesmaid to my dearest SabbyPrue which requested me to wear something that is a light peach in colour and secondly is this is my own experimental game to wear something that i've never worn before.

Seriously, my answer would be a NO-NO hahahha i did feel weird for the whole day but i do LOVE the colour, the design, the lace details at the hand and everything about this dress. it just that it doesn't really made for me. OK what do ya think then? na na stop laughing or grinning people "^.^

Hahaha till then!

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo


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