My Scalp Treatment at The Number76

Salam and Hey very sorry for the silent as i was just too busy with my personal stuff on these few days. back at home at late hour and ended up i got no mood to blog. huhu

Anyhow, i comeback with a beauty slash healthy sharing in here. yup, i was invited by the Number76 salon to try out one of their offered treatment, The Scalp Treatment. obviously, i am wearing the hijab for atleast 10 hours per day. so, based on my appearance / lifestyle as a Hijabi girl, they recommended me to get the Scalp Treatment instead of others. *super excited*

Honestly, i've never yet experience any special hair treatments since my purpose of going to the salon is just for the sake of getting a new haircut. haha should also claim that it is always happened once per year LOL so, i was again *super excited*

I am so glad that they are really concern on their customer's needs. obviously, i am a Muslim girl who definitely prohibited to show my hair / aurah to the non-mahram (not a family member to be A BIT clearer!) so, they prepared a private room just for me to solved which is so overwhelming. thanks Sue and thanks guys (Number76)!  :')

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Now, the treatment started with analyzing my current scalp condition by using a microscope. yup it was my first time looking at it and i was initially confident that it won't look so bad as i was just shampooing my hair on the night before but ........ errrr it was SERIOUSLY GROSS!! (please see image on the left and fyi, mine was even more more worst!!)

The scalp is very oily and all the roots were filled up with dandruff that until blocking the hole. the baddest thing about it is when the roots are being blocked, hair couldn't grow and basically, we need 3 hairs in one hole. sadly, i could see that lot of the holes left only 2 or 1 hair (they could never grown another hair anymore lorh!) which meant in the long time, i'd definitely can become bold....!!

After the scanning done, Jen started to wash my hair before applying a Kerastase Serum in between the hair. it was then being left for few minutes before she again washed the hair and applying a Scalp Tonic. Then, re-scanning the result via microscope to see the difference. Assuredly, it is now clean, no oily look anymore (which finally can see my scalp a.k.a the skin) LOL and also a clear hole at the roots. she claim that this time would be the BEST TIME to apply any hair tonic or hair serum as those roots could absorb the ingredients very very well!

Roughly the pricing figure for your reference.

Oh fyi, cutting hair is RM76 (wash blow cut!)
other location. mine was at the Bangsar 1 branch.

More info, please proceed with Number76 i'd like to thank Sue and many thanks to Number76 . i am now aim to wash my hair everyday instead of once in a 2 days LOL Adios!


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