[Live Video] RomanCinta AJL by Caliph Busker feat Mojo

Incredible photos courtesy of RotiKaya

Salam Malaysian!

FYI #AJL is one of the Grand Music Event in Malaysia which held annually. 'Anugerah Juara Lagu' (AJL) is a platform nominating Malaysia top songs to battle in one stage. i was so anticipating waiting for this year (2014) final stage as all the songs are splendidly perfect and hahaha they are just my favourite! well, i'd say i vote for Dayang's Di Pintu Syurga and never ever thought that RomanCinta (which is already sounds great!) can sounds much more GREATER during that final evening.

This talk-of-the-town final performance has become a phenomena. sang by a 'special' musician named themselves, Caliph Buskers which successfully touching all Malaysian heart and soul. goshhhhh i was not expecting anything (AT ALL!) when the vocalist, Azmi started the song with such a POWERFUL and DEEP voice. then, suddenly the light came out and revealing that the singer and his band are all actually blind.......

OMG i was like going speechless and the tears kept streaming down on my face ..... !! despite the reason on how special they are and how much that i need to be grateful on what Allah has given to me and plus the lyrics the song is sad itself, i just can't help it from being touched with his pure and sincere voice. sangat perfect!

Watch it world eventhough if you are not understand the words. feel it! :')

I am still very touched of this performance. i will cry on everytime i heard it. yup, right now on this moment while writing this entry, the tears just can't stop lorh. they are very very special to me and Mr Edry Abdul Halim, you are just too too A-mazing! *bow*

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Menyayangi. Setiap apa yang Engkau takdirkan pasti ada hikmahnya. Semoga hamba-hamba istimewa Mu ini dimurahkan lagi rezekinya dan dikurniakan kebahagiaan dunia akhirat amin..  :')



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