In-Trend: Over-The-Shoulder Coat

CONTRAST source whowhatwhere

ONE PALETTE source whowhatwhere

MONOCHROME source whowhatwhere

CLASHING PRINTS source whowhatwhere

Its still swiftly trending and definitely, timeless. i always have this thought that saying this trend ignites chic factor and very easy too look stylish in it. no matter what kinda outerwear being thrown over the shoulder and regardless on how you do it, contrast or prints over prints or etc etc. one word, its fashionable!

Oh i am so much inspired by the discussion on the Fashion statement vs Practicality on the The Sartorialist page. some claim that its just for the sake of a fashion statement whilst other think it initiated long time ago when man used to warm her women by offering his jacket over her's shoulder and that was also where this trend is coming from. the arguments are very much inspiring, please do proceed with the link thesartorialist :)

Personally, both are indeed truth coz no matter what the excuses, I am definitely loving this trend. will share mine rock it in those chilly cities, London and Paris very soon! thanks for visiting tho. :)

Photo courtesy of whowhatwhere


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  1. has been on my wishlist for quite sometime tapi tak terbeli2 jugak untuk diri sendiri sebab asyik terfikir macam tak sesuai pakai kat malaysia hahaha

    Najlaa 'Aqilah


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