Europe Trip: London City Part 1 (Tourist Attractions)

Salam and Hey traveler! :D

woot! woot! finally the London story is here. i was pushing myself this few weeks to sort the thousand photos, to select on the best one, to retouch each of it and finally, to decide on the storyline. trust me writing on a travelogue is much much harder! period.

This Europe trip will cover on 3 countries; UK (London), Paris and Ireland (Dublin). I've been spending almost 10 days for this trip. after the long-haul of 14 hours flight, i arrived at the Heathrow London Airport and it was already 6pm when i settled my things there. then, it was already 10pm when we're found our hostel (which is far from the city) and i was already super exhausted. so, the first day was gone just like that....

So, my tourist game was starting on the 2nd day. Ready for the overloaded photos.

Tower Bridge

I began my tour day with this iconic symbol of London. crowded with people as expected. indeed its a beautiful place to hang out (got row of cafe along this River Thames) and you could also see the famous tourist cruise sails across the river.

I got a hard time finding the right lighting for my Canon haha as the weather is really gloomy there but it was not so cold. 17 degree? fyi, this attraction can be reached by stopping at the Tower Hill Underground Station. 

London Eye

The height of 135m will help you to observe the whole city. buy your tix earlier from the online web which is also gonna be much cheaper when you purchase it in a package. I was not going into deep since i need to save time. honestly, it was quite a waste to not riding on it. huh then, what to do? time consuming is the most crucial one....

Big Ben

Its a north end of the Palace Westminster. well, i found nothing in here. yup the building is nice yet not really fascinate me. we're just making a stop at the Westminster Underground Station, went out and took few photos as the proof that i was already here at the Big Ben! LOL

Buckingham Palace

I was super excited to visit this Palace. thought that i could bump onto Prince William but nothing so fairy-tale like that LOL. i was not even gotta see the parade because it was just not the right time. if i'm not mistaken, come at 11am or perhaps you could check their schedule beforehand. 

Feeling sooo London seeing the red army and finally, i know i am in England when seeing the Palace's balcony where the famous royal couple William and Kate announced their wedding's bell. hahhaha yup imma big fan here LOL till the next time my Prince William :')

Green Park

my lovely friends who study in Birm. Farah and Ana, thanks babes! :)

It was autumn and that falling leaves were everywhere, adore it coz we don't have here in Malaysia lorh. Our aimed was to reach the palace when we stop at the Green Park Underground Station and walk across this happening park. nevertheless, this place is so pretty to ignore. oh, i do love the part of those stranded lazy chairs where i could see myself spending the whole day doing some reading. hehe semua ini hanya poyo! hahaha LOL

Oxford Street

The busiest shopping street of Europe and major road in the city of Westminster. freaking famous and messy with shoppers (more on Saturday as claimed by others). approx. more than 300 shops along the road. not the most expensive area but this is definitely a shopping heaven. all my fav street brands (aka affordable! haha) are here! Can be reached at several underground stations yet i stopped at the Oxford Circus station and came out facing on the HM 3 stories flagship.

TOPSHOP (megabranch)

Not to waste anytime, i was so much aroused over the UK brand, Topshop which is just on the right side. a massive flagship with 4 floors divided into many sections inclusive nail and hair salon, mini foodcourt at the basement, a photobooth?! and too many exciting features that made you wanna spend the whole day in here. oh i need to be hurry huhu so i just directly went to the SALE items area which is definitely makes me so crazeeyy!

Bayswater (Souvenir / Gift)

This is the absolute place to shop for souvenir and gift. thanks to my dear friends who brought me to their friend's shop which i got a super-duper great deals. sorry not much photos to describe as i was too exhausted and in hurry but you could find wide range of gift; fridge magnet, pens, keychains, mug, tumblr, shirts, sweaters, scarf and etc etc. yup, we're even having our late dinner at the Halal Noodle Oodle.

Bayswater is a walking-distance with the Malaysian Hall (Queensborough) which you could stop at the Queensway Underground Station or perhaps the Bayswater station itself. just a few station from the Oxford St and if im not mistaken you could also walk via the Hyde Park. convenient.

Hard Rock Cafe London

It was already dark and we're trying to cover another place which is still open after 7pm! LOL so, i suggested to complete my HRC list by visiting the London branch. you can make a stop at the Hyde Park Corner or Green Park Underground Station. based on the map (LOL) it is actually located just besides the Green Park (like seriously?) LOL

Thus, we back to our hostel with the battery descend to 40% . hahahha so this is my hectic Day 1 as a tourist in the city of London. will continue the other part soon yar. please do WATCH this space yar. 

to be continue...


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  1. Writing travelogue, we need to be patient. Must make sure our info is correct and easy to read. Hehehe..

  2. yup definitely. dh lah akk ni jnis nk gmba perfect pstu nk karang storey pon bkn boleh goreng je kn hahha PONET nk mnyiapkan satu blogpost pon baru Part 1 ni hahahha...b sure to ready other part soon yar =P hehe

  3. Gambar u cantik I jelly haha

  4. Pesal gamba hang semua santek! This is not fair for a photogrpaher like me! Haha. Argh I need a photographer for myself. Asek gmba org je lawa. Gmba sndiri dlm gmbr ke laut!

    1. alalalalalaaa tq yang hahaha i pon stresss juga kdg2 ble org yg tgkap gmba kite ni hahahhaha kena try n error byk kli smpi puas hati n that person mmg kena bersabar je la ngn kite LOL


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