Look #167 - Hashtag Swag

Disneyland Paris Mickey Cap / HM Scarf / Biker Jacket and Boots from Bandung / Shirt and Sling Bag from Primark London / GUESS Jeans / Rip Curl Backpack

Salam and Yeahhh, Happy Friday!

This is undoubtedly me! effortless, very relaxed and a little touch of masculinity. i don't have any specific reason, i just love being comfort in this kinda style.

Well, i can't help to fall in love with that cap when i was pondering in that Disney shop looking something for myself. its actually a Mickey embossed which is super duper pretteeeeey. sorry i fail to include the zoom in photo of it. next time maybe.

Then, leather jacket is bought by mom during her visit to Bandung. it warms enough and got a cute furry hoodie at the back. haha feeling so dem satisfied as finally get to wear a thick jacket like this since Malaysia's weather is definitely a NO-NO kan?! LOL

Please keep on visiting as i will share more stories of my Europe trip on this few days. :)

Photographed by FarahYusof and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. Hello... singgah sini.

    Thanks sbb sudi singgah blog kite ye. Baru terperasan

    By the way, cntik topi mickey tu


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