Nando's Art Initiative 2014 at Lot123

Happened on the last 20th January 2015, Nando’s Malaysia launched the 8th installation of its annual art competition through the brand’s on-going art initiative programme. Since its inception in 2008, Nando’s expanded the initiative to ensure that young Malaysian artist truly benefit from this platform.

Nando’s also officially opened a contemporary new creative space called LOT123. Specifically in Chinatown, KL branch. "With this new venture we are now able to host art exhibitions, workshops or event mentorship programmes for these new talents,” said Ian Cruddas, CEO of Nando’s Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Dear Photos, please do the talking! LOL

a new space called Lot123, KL (2 floors)
blogger buddies of the day; Pika, Iena and Bro Framestone :)
thanks Nandos for the nice dinner :)
hehehehe :))) hahahha LOL
the hidden talent burning inside! LOL
"Your Art, Your Story" lah 
Nik Mohd Shahfiz, the Grand Prize Winner for 2 years berturut-turut okeyhh! err aka my PhotoG LOL very the sorry LOL yup funneyh thing happened hahaha *covered face*
one of my fav (of coz a girl is still a girl!) Audrey of Tiffany by pretty lady, Ms Ilyani :)
partner in crime, SyafiqahHashimxoxo katanya HAHAHA

Yup i was having fun admiring the arts although im not really qualified myself. fancying these young and talented clan showcasing their works is so motivating. having this kinda opportunity would be such a world to them right? haha worry not peeps, the 2015 competition is on-going now.

The theme for 2015 will be ‘Your Art, Your Story’; it will be up to each individual participant to determine their own theme so that they express their own thoughts and ideas through art. please proceed with for more info.

Thanks for reading and Adios! :)

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