Bacpackers Hostel - Globe Trott Inns London Review

Globe Trott Inss | Boleyn Tavern, 1 Barking Road, LondonEngland E61PW


Yeahh continuing my London story with highlighting one of ours accommodation there, the Globe Trott Inns Hostel. yup, finally i got this priceless experience staying in a hostel / dorm or whatever you named it. dah lama sangat nak merasa hidup sebenar backpackers niyh! hehe 

Yup as mentioned, this hostel is quite hard to find (especially the entrance door because it is hidden). so here is my own 

Tip to find the Globe Trott Inns Hostel: 

Turn RIGHT when coming outside from the station --> walk til the end of the road (passing all the shops, houses and blah blah) --> then at a corner of a T-junction --> see that orange-bricks building see on your LEFT --> LOOK UP for that signboard and the black bulky door! 


Located at the not-famous part of London, Boleyn which you can reach by stopping at the Upton Park Underground Station (Zone 3). claimed to be just 30 minutes from the city but my experience saying that this is quite far yet you need to walk like 5 minutes from the station. well, its actually the nearest one compared to our other accommodations HAHA but i still feel like almost dying dragging my 16kg backpack plus the wounded feet huhu

As you can see above, the ONLY entrance is that spooky door! haha  you're surely won't see the signboard and expecting that door LOL. you'll also gonna hesitate when coming inside it, a shallow staircase to finally meet a tiny room with a window counter which is the 'lobby' to register. hahaha everything is cute but hey, it was quite creepy coz we reached the hostel at 10p.m LoL. thank gaddd the registration time is 24 hrs! fyi this building is also connecting with the Boleyn Traven Bar below it.

Well, we are foreigner so we are not familiar with the bus route but actually, there is a 24 hrs bus stop 1 minute just outside from that entrance. this building is also situated besides the West Ham Football Stadium and along the way to the station, you could meet several cafes, markets, restaurants (there is a HALAL Kebab shop on the right side if you're coming from the station), even a printer shop, barber shop LOL and etc etc. quite a good location actually and i see its more like a little Indian town lah.

not even a fan of MU ke Liverpool ke Barce ke hahaha only a fan of HarimauMalaya XD


the walkway. nice and clean
the stairs are extreme and just a non-stop one haha well this is the 2nd stage already!
another stairs and yup a 3rd stage! well FREE lockers but with your own padlock.
TA-DA our dorm! hahaha is it beyond your expectation?! LOL XD
and this is mine :) err sorry i just woke up LOL XD

We chose the 8 beds - Female ONLY with a private bathroom! haha yup need to be as precise as that since they got plenty of choices and well, some other hostel is only provided MIXED bedroom hoho so, that is one of the crucial reason why we selected this hostel. fyi

6 Bed Dorm - Mixed (Shared bathroom)

No meals or drinks included

8 Bed Dorm - Mixed (Shared bathroom)

No meals or drinks included

6 Bed Dorm - Female only (Shared bathroom)

No meals or drinks included

6 Bed Dorm - Mixed (Private bathroom)

No meals or drinks included

6 Bed Dorm - Female only (Private bathroom)

No meals or drinks included
Sorry no bathroom photo but i could say that it was comfortable enough for you to shower and doing some private thingy. some other facilities are inclusive sheet & comforter, rubbish bin, power extension, FREE wifi (which is quite a strong one) and outside of the room; lockers, washing machines and pantry.

HAHAHA  talking about the bathroom. it was funny though as the light is using the sensor one. it will auto-ON when somebody coming inside and will auto-OFF when there is no person a.k.a NO MOVEMENT because it detects motion. HAHAHA so you need to continuously moving even when you are focusing on the jamban hahaha well, atleast waving your hand can also do LOL XD


£10 (approx. RM50) per person for one night. not include breakfast meal of course lol


My only concern is that please provide a shoes rack! goshh i hate looking at the messy shoes plus we are all ladies hahaha the shoes were more than 8 pairs and they are everywhere! and WALAWEIH the smells was seriously ridiculous~ what to do lorh? just bear with it lah hahaha


Ambiance : 4/5
Facilities : 4/5
Location : 3/5
Price : 4/5
Staff : 4.5/5 (very friendly!)

I booked via hostelbookers


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