Europe Trip: London Shopping Spree Part 2 (Bicester Village, Harrods, Primark)

Bicester Village (Outlet)

This outlet shopping centre is featuring luxury brands up to 135 boutiques. own by the Chic Outlet Shopping which famous Bicester is one among the 9 outlets in Europe (Paris, Dublin, Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Munich, Brussels & Madrid). 

Can be reached via several ways. Chauffeur service from London, Heathrow airport or Birm (utk org org kayo lah kan! haha), Bus service StageCoach from Oxford or by Train service from London Marylebone or Birmingham Moor Street. 

Yup, i am taken the train Chiltern Railway from Marylebone station (linked with the Marylebone Underground station) Price is no cheap, got our tix for 27 pound (approx. RM146.30) for Return plus Shuttle tix. can buy the tix at the counter there or via online here. Journey takes about 1 hour and you need to ride on the shuttle from the train station later to the village. 

Here are some of the brands or Check the official page 

Tory Burch, Alexander McQueen, Celine blah blah Memang tak mampu lah! OMG kenapa lahh akuhhhh tak kayo?!?! *nanges sentap gigit bantal*
Oh My Prada! seriously affordable, a chain structure bag is sold at only RM1,500!! i was like goshhhh why did i put my cc limit with the lowest one?!!! LOL MiuMiu in here is more pricey to be compared with but the items are quite a new collection though
My love towards Ted Baker is just grown too much. all the items are gorgeous and comes with AFFORDABLE pricing too. Coach, err im just not a fan but hey, they got plenty of fabulous choices. Anya Hindmarch surprisingly, the items are UGLY lol Kate Spade hmm nice items sold, nice offer but i just need to choose only one! OMG kenapa lahh akuhhhh tak kayo?!?! *nanges sentap gigit bantal lagi*
Im so much admiring the Cosmetics Comp Store haha coz finally got my Estee Lauder Adv Night Repair 50ml with only RM233! then, what should i say bout the MK as sure-fire you will drool to get those bag. they really have nice items there and weihhh, Cath Kidston outlet. can you imagine how cheap it can goes as outlet is offering up to 60% off!! huhu and they have MCM in here OMG kenapa lahh akuhhhh tak kayo?!?! *nanges sentap gigit bantal lagi dan lagi* LOL

Well, this was actually happening on the very last day before departing back to KL. so, i was feeling like doing the 'shop til drop' thingy and surprisingly, i dropped for real when my credit card denied as it reached its limit! Kyaaa!! HAHAHAHA yup that was extremely frustrated when i aimed to get a Prada! hahaha so, i only manage to get a Ted Baker instead LOL

expression muka menunjukkan tahap kepenatan yg sudah separa mati......

Harrods (Knightbridge)

Honestly, i just heard Harrods before without really know about it. haha so this place is actually not in the list but thanks Farah (my tourguide) who forcing me to go. HAHAHHA i was stun by the fact that it is such a gorgeous shopping mall featuring lavish brands and Harrods items itself which are so dem interesting! hehehe 

HALAL foods in a mall and hey its not a kebab! hahaha also can have Nasi Goreng in London okeyh but sure lah pricing is no cheap. 
We bought this Nasi Goreng yang kocik and sojuk with 6.25 pound (approx RM 33.75!)
My friend recommended me to try this choc and hey, i'm not a choc lover but Walllaweihhh finally i could say a chocolate is delicious! seriously go and find this yar Neuhaus Ciateur Choclatier Brussel!
haq yang dua ni pon saya rasa nak bawak balik tau! Gewwrammmnyerrr cayerr!!
All the luxurious brands of bags and perfume are here; LV, Celine, Burberry, Chloe and you name it!

harrr yg ni baru mampu semampu mampunya! hahaha LOL

Primark (Oxford Street)

Whoever has been to London should known this. well, lot of my friends were saying that this place will sure gonna make me crazy and hey HAHAHAHA indeed its definitely truth! this massive shop has 3 floors divided into sections; women, men, kids, shoes, accessories and etc and i'd say all the items are fashionably great, material is good and Wahahaha selling at a very very reasonable price!

I was in hurry as we need to take bus to the Luton Airport for our Paris departing. nevertheless, i spent almost 3 hours in here (and i became seriously crazeeyyy doing the hunting! haha) and my total lost is approx. RM600 just in here yet i am fully satisfied! imagine you can get a seriously NICE clothes as lower as £3 £10 !! haha JANGAN CONVERT RM puhhlezzz haha that will be happened when you are a first timer. batak sungguh kan?! LOL

Btw, there are 2 different Primark shops in this Oxford Street. mine here is just in front of the Tottenham Ct Rd Underground Station. err heard that this is better than the other one? huhu its your choice though. :)

sorry lack of information now, will let you know more about the 'Left Luggage' thingy. yup this should be a highlight and very much crucial! later ah :)

Victoria Station

I am so much anticipated to visit this station HAHAHA just because of the name LOL yet this station is like one of the central. we went here not just for the sake of transiting but also to take bus to the London Luton Airport with cost of 9.50 pound (approx. RM 52). no worry will give a detailed of cost for EVERYTHING in a special post later ah! 

a backpacker who love to shop now looking like a beggar carrying that 17kg backpack! LOL

London Luton Airport

We were jumping from one airport to another. i've been to atleast 3 differ airports just in London; Heathrow, Luton and Stansted. So, this is my last travelogue of London as we are going to Paris yeahhh! haha till the next post yar :)

To be Continue...

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