Look #168 - Femme Indépendente

HM Scarf / Leather Jacket and Boots from Bandung / Mango Shirt / GUESS Jeans / 
Sling Bag from Primark London / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Goshh i'm loving these shots so much as they are extruding the street style vibe very well. i do always dying to get those background aka a Paris scenery at the back. idk the valid reason but i always find this city so pretty yet stylish.

Yup, location was at Paris and specifically at the outside area of Louise Michel RER station and in front of our stay, D' Anjou Hotel. i was actually coming back from visiting few places and this photoshoot was taken in the midst of rushing to our next stay at the East side of Paris. so, pardon my pale and dull face with even no lipstick on the lips LOL

Well, talking about the outfit. as usual, i'd affirm that this is totally me. nothing much different from the previous look yet this one looks sleeker and edgier. hope ya'll love it too and thanks though for reading, visiting and keep on supporting this humble page. wait for the Paris story, insyAllah will be coming very soon ah. :)

Photographed by FarahYusof and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. I'm actually big on scarves like that i.e. pashmina but I have never tried styling it like that. Loosely looks so relax!
    Oh~ Paris! ^___________^
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/


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