Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia Review

when they spell your COMPLICATED name perfectly! a warm welcoming :)
2 beds for the ONLY me :(
Yeahhh and HARIMAU MALAYA won over the Vietnam!! :D 
OMG i love this part! the Auto control panels n the view (of another person's windows!) hmmm... 
Honeymoon mood for the 'lonely' me HAHHAHAH LOL =P
an iron with its board for each room, Wahh no need to call the service room to send one leyh!
just in case if you wonder, this is hidden in the drawer LOL
goshhh i love this stuff too!! err though im not a bookworm huhu
har cermin berlampu macam kat saloon untuk picit jerawat dgn lebih efficient! 
OMG this would be my utmost fav, an adjustable speaker in the bathroom!! freaking cool!
too much concern... *terharu*
an extra sheet without any additional charge woot! woot!
always compulsory.

Dear Mr/Ms GM and all the Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour crews,

I'm so glad receiving your great hospitality although it was only for 1 night! couldn't ask for more as all my cheesy needs were being fulfilled very well and even with an extra touch! your guys are seriously deeply concern on treating the customers. every little details are so much admirable.

I'd definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND all the readers to stay in here. specifically located at the Nusajaya, Johor and trust me, its worth every penny. again million thanks to dear MilkPR and the Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour. yup i'd never forget this lovely experience. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Loads of Love,

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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