Look #161 - How To Style The Tutu Skirt

Satin Scarf / Topshop Sweatshirt / Unbranded Tutu Skirt / F21 Bag

Salam and Yippiee its Saturday! =D

My one and only tutu skirt in which i have already purchased few months ago. haha yet never find the right time and place to don it. hopefully the trend is still in lol HAHA i'm sorry as usual i am a Fashion conscious not a Fashion follower!

Obviously, the highlight is that tutu skirt. got it at KD downtown with only RM50! surprisingly the material is great and i love the detail at the very bottom one as it adding some weight to the volume. nevertheless, the detail of the sweatshirt is awesome too. that sequin really makes a good impression though. :)

BTW stunning location was at Bridge Bar of G Tower Hotel. a freaking nice place to hang out and witnessing night life of KL. no joking, i fall in love with the overall view, the skyscraper and neon, exciting!

wearing it during the exclusive event of LZD collection preview :)

Photographed by @lind4j4ne (IG) thanks babe!


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  1. Sangat suka tutu skirt!
    But one thing about living abroad, akan lambat satu semester atau dua semester tentang fashion sebelum orang di malaysia.

    So nice!


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