BBQ Parteyyhh With My #GengAnehAneh

some of us. well, we're missing few others in here. you know who you are huhu :(

Salam and Hey Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho!

Well, Its been a long time i haven't story on my personal life. yup being a 'serious' blogger who receiving such a LOVELY invitations has turning me into a boring one. haha sorry for keep on updating only about fashion related post, events, reviews and so on and so forth. will always try my best to mix up the post yar. please keep on supporting people!

Anyhow, this is happened on yesterday when me and kesayangan #GengAnehAneh finally having our next BBQ parteyy after quite a long time. Alhamdulillah for this bonding. i am seriously glad knowing these beautiful people and i do always pray that our friendship will last forever insyAllah amin. SAYANG korang semua, always! :)


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