Look #163 - How To Style The Jogger Pants Part 2 #MonkiStyle

Monki Jacket and Flowerhead / Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Tshirt / LZD Jogger Pants / 
HM Boots and Scarf / Vincci Sequin Bag / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Salam Jumu'ah and hey, TGIF! 

Friday is always a GREATEST day, never yet fail. its such a huge relief whenever the day comes and surprisingly, i do always have colourful plans for my weekend. hehe hence, these shot were also taken on the last Friday during the MONKI Opening at 1 Utama. event write up is here.

The highlight is again on the pants as i should say Jogger Pants is currently trending. its not just for a gym attire or a comfortable pants for the evening walk yet now, you can make it looks chic and glamorous depending on how you style it.

Thus, mine here is roughly an idea on how i carried it to an event. paired with the brand new fluffy jacket from MONKI itself. got at RM150 and i was actually aiming to wear it during my Europe trip hahaha but it was just safely being kept in the bag LOL

As cute as the name, this jacket is so fluffy and soft. love the texture and right, that both pockets at the side. cool! well, not really thick i must say yet do not wear it on a day walk where the heat is boiling up above your head. sure lah panas giler and fyi, the aircond is not working really well during that whole event. so, i was ACTUALLY sweating hahahha like hell! LOL

Click Here for my first look with that same LZD Private Collection Jogger pants. i'll busy with my bloggerbabe's wedding on tomorrow and Sunday. really happy for her! btw Thanks for reading and Rejoice Your Weekend! :)


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  1. really wanna try this out though this is totally out of my comfort zone

    Najlaa 'Aqilah


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