MONKI is coming to 1Utama and be the first 100 in line on tomorrow!

By Thursday, December 04, 2014 , ,

Salam and Hey Monki Malaysian Fan! :)

MONKI is a Swedish label under one roof with H&M. the very first outlet is at the Nu Sentral, KL which was just happened early of this year. yup MONKI is separating its influence aggressively!

Well, tomorrow will be a grand opening of another outlet and OPEN TO PUBLIC on SATURDAY! definitely will update about it as soonest as possible. hahaha why you shoud be anticipated over it? read this...

Monki is celebrating the opening on 6 December at 12pm by giving away a RM50 gift card to the first 100 waiting in line when the store opens. The first 100 to shop will receive a gift, in addition to 20% discount off all purchase for every shopper the entire day.

Thus, please watch this space yo! ENJOY your Friday btw. :)


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  1. Come on! There're so many things happening on this Saturday!!! LOL #happyshopping
    xx, Mira |


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