Look #160 - Wrap Dress by LZD

HM Scarf / LZD Wrap Dress / Uniqlo Inner / Skirt by Amin Jauhary / Clutch from Padang

Salam and Happy Weekend people! =D

Oh please know that this dress is my love at the first sight! i know it gonna look really well when pairing with that black mermaid skirt. sorry as sticking to the black from bottom to the top. haha despite the reason that i always love the black and gold combo, the other excuse would be hopefully i look a bit slimmer...errr

This wrap dress is a knee length with an elastic details at the waist. comes with puff shoulder where it enhances my silhouette and that V-neck is just perfect for giving that slimming effect. hey i am just too excited to share this LOL HAHAHHA you could also possible (selagi stock masih ada okeyh!) to get the same piece though

FYI LZD is a private label by Lazada Fashion. exclusively available at lazada.com.my inspired by the international catwalk styling mixed with Asian trends. the collection is wide; top, dress, skirts, bottom, shoes, bags and etc. please proceed to lazada fashion for more :)


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