Look #165 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Cotton On Scarf / Primark London Tshirt /  Milktee Aztec Cardigan / Bbershka Jeans / NIKE AirMax 
/ Rip Curl Bag / Cotton On Ring and Socks / Samsung Galaxy Gear

As the tittle stated, well i do feel like a walking rainbow for the whole day haha nevertheless, colour block invariably looks so-dem great in a photo! obvious reason is because it popped up and bold. Admittedly, long time ago, i did feel insecure wearing more than two colours in a same time yet now, when i am in the mood of dressing up, i tend to be brighter and more daring. 

Again donning that Aztec cardigan from Milktee Clothing. this time around, i try to multiple the function of that cardi by wrapping it around the waist with the desire to adding some pattern and playful effect to the whole look. click here to view the first look.

Another highlight should be that brand new shoes from NIKE. surprisingly, this is my very first NIKE (Model is Nike AirMax) successfully purchased at the JPO Nike Outlets with only RM239.00. i am totally loving the black airmax cushion at the below part and the bright baby blue hue. 

Then, i guess that backpack should also receive equal attention. its a Rip Curl purchased via ZaloraMy which i absolutely fancy the faded flower pattern on it. not overdoing and easy to match with any outfits yet any colours. one thing that i hate about it is ONLY the strap! LOL

Photographed by AidaSue


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