Finally, I Clean My Brushes!

elianto and F21

Salam and Hey Beauty Junkie!

Out of sudden huh?! i rarely talking about beauty stuff right? sorry ladies as i am not really qualified to advise bout it. indeed look at those limited brushes that i own. haha one function one brush! LOL

Well, what even more shocking is i was super lazy as i just dipped those brushes in my makeup remover+water --> kacau-kacau --> picit-picit --> rinse -->  im done! HAHAHA sorry my beauty blogger buddies please do not scold me when we meet LOL

Hence, thats what beauty bloggers are for. please proceed with my dearest friends whom with all do respect i admire the most for having such tremendous passion over beauty junks!

Sabby Prue - she got that REAL technique
Sabrina Tajuddin - easiest way to sanitize your brush, just spray?
SyafiqahHashimxoxo - a thing you can get from Daiso?
Wiida Ribbon i don't find any related post in your blog, let me know shall you have one yar. :)

Hopefully this LAZIEST way of cleaning your brushes is approve by the expert! hahaha thanks for reading guys. NIGHT!


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  1. rajinnya suzai! rajinnya dia... hahahaha :)

  2. Okay la tu.. One brush for one function is enough I supposed. I usually wash my brushes using Daiso brush cleanser. But I ran out of it so definitely gonna get few more bottles soon.
    Makeup removers works I guess. Though.... That's kinda expensive method!! LOL
    xx, Mira |

  3. Akakkkkk! you can check out my post dekat link ni..
    ehee..thanks ;)


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