MELISSA Shoes Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

try to blend with those flowers theme of their S/S 2014 collection.
yeahh, got RM100 voucher. thanks all! :)
nice huh?!
too adorable! :D
Auuchh, yummy!

The Garden [1F]

Melissa jelly shoe could be consider a stepping stone of this Brazilian brand. over the past 25 years, they have been reinventing the designs season by season. yup, previously i only know their flat jelly shoe yet credit to this exclusive invitation, i aware that they are actually having all the type of footwear especially for women; sandal, flat, high heels, wedges and etc etc. lorh even got for kids and men! ^^

This invite was actually to review their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection which is exploring flowers. personally, i will not knowing the theme if its not being mentioned as Err...there is no replica of a flower on the shoes at all. haha if it does, sure it becomes lame ah?! Anyhow, i love its simple design, flexibility, the bold colour and of course the shoes.

Kindly make your visit to the store or else CLICK HERE . Disclaimer: thanks all!  :)


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