Look #124 - The Golden Me!

Scarf from dreamcloudbynh / Forever21 sweater / Uniqlo jeans / H&M boots / Vincci bag

Yo, can you feel ma vibe? haha dunno should i categorize this look under the hiphop kinda thang or stick to the original idea, the streetstyle. this was captured on just last night when i joined the #modeststreetfashion meet & greet event by the ever rising photographer Langston Hues. yup, he was here in Malaysia and huhu...will continue later in details on the next post yar.

Btw, that oversized sweater is as cozy as the look but honestly, its quite warm to be wear on a daylight. haha this is Malaysia lorh. so that is why i took this opportunity to wear it on last night in thinking that some chilly breeze may hit me a bit....and it was obviously not! LOL XD

Still complimenting the sweater as it was my love at the first sight. it is too cool to ignore. love the gold prints on it although i must admit it makes me a bit bigger errrr because it is oversized but who cares as it is toooooooo Rihanna's!! goshhh my fashion mogul ever~!

OK then will try my best to update the event full story. love meeting those fashionista and they were all very inspiring. yup i felt tooooooo small. Errr....btw, thanks for reading! :)


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