Look #123 - Will Smile No Matter What

 Scarf from Bukit Tinggi / Kimono cardigan from Luna Bazaar / Belt from Guangzhou / 
Bottom material from Bandung / Topshop clutch / Vincci wedges / F21 rings

Recently i've been so in love dressing up in my traditional wear yet i made it a contemporary one. as being mentioned before, mixing and matching the new item with the old one is just soooooo fascinating nowadays. 

That is explaining that the kimono cardigan is a brand-new piece which is from the Rasta@ttdi bazar with only RM35. huhu seriously i'm admiring the prints, light material (fo sho!) and the symmetrical cut at the center. indulgence!

Then, the bottom is actually coming from here. surprisingly, the combo looks so perfect with each other. although i hate clinching my waist but this time, i just need to deal with that since it helps to slimmer my body shape and adding a great impact to the overall look. hope you guys love it too! :)

Photographed by SabbyPrue and Edited by SizzlingSuzai. thanks a lot darling! :)


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  1. Cantik... suka dgn kimono cardigan tu..

  2. eee ade gambar kite la... :P hehe thank u bae, nanti dating lagi yuk!

  3. pakai apa pun cantik. sangat bergaya. saya ada jugak nak mencuba macam ni tapi takda keyakinan. mungkin on special occassion je brani pakai. kot. hehe.



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