Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine @Sunway Giza

Happy Happy mood on Chillax Saturday at home! :)

Dear foodies, i'm back with food. So, this dining was fully sponsored by the boss! haha yup it was my company's CNY dinner in which we're looking for a Japanese cuisine in a buffet style. so, the other colleague suggested this place and ta-da thanks for my first experience which is absolutely Thumbs Up!

If i'm not mistaken, the dining is RM65/pax. it is definitely more than worthy as you can enjoying all the items on the buffet table and plus UNLIMITED ORDERS in the menu book! still not feeling my excitement? ok take a look at these bunch of salivating images.

Lets started with the buffet raw which providing all the fresh seafood and meats, salads, fruits and also desserts!

oh oh raw oyster is always tempting!
the cream puff is marvelous!
Goshh, i was craving for salmon and now i can just grab this 1 bowl if i eemmm willing to~
yup, the chef will grill it for you..hmmm

Not killing enough?! harr now the best of the best! here are some of the our non-stop orders from the menu book. i must say that the choice is real wide and you can't even had enough space to fit them in your stomach. believe me...ready to be salivated by below photos.  "^^

shishamo. good!
saba shioyaki. good but i'm not a fan of fish lorh.
shake shioyaki. dunno? errr..not a fan tho.
my FAV is always that egg sushi! ;D
this the GREATEST the VERY BEST the MUST-HAVE one: No. A4 Crazy Roll !!!
Oh this one also is highly recommended: Motoyaki Scallop !!
  to the crab lover! very good.
forgot the name but this pancake tastes so much like Jusco's Takoyaki which is also my fav!! 
dem look at the baked cheese on the oyster Arghhh double thumbs up: Kaki Hiroyaki !
freaking nice interior i must admit. :)
this 3 guys were having a tummy contest.. LOL
heheheh i can't just stop eating and tasting and eating!
yee sang of the day. thanks boss for the great food! :D

OK as your concern, this restaurant is not certified as Halal yet it is just a NO PORK restaurant since it sells food cook with wine. the good think about it is you can seek for the staff who is friendly enough to show you which one is containing the wine and which one is not.  :)

fyi, the menu is changing as during our dining here, theres only 1 item in the buffet is containing wine named as Drunken Chicken. LOL good choice of the name as it is clearly too obvious...haha

What am i suppose to claim as this house is DEFINITELY HIGH RECOMMENDED if you are craving for Japanese cuisine. i'd likely give 4.9 star out of 5. huhu freaking awesome!

Thanks for reading yar. :))


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  1. I love Japanese cuisine, especially Unagi and shashimi, yumm yumm!

  2. saya tak berapa gemar makanan ni tapi nampak sedap. mungkin bila cuba nanti, kot2 jadi favourite food ke kan...hehe


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