Look #120 - Kimono Cardigan ?!

Wafaa scarf / Inner top and belt from Mango / Kimono Cardigan from Luna bazar / F21 maxi skirt and rings / Topshop clutch / Galaxy Gear

The required theme is actually Artsy and due to my own understanding that kimono cardigan is the highlight of the overall look. hopefully the print is artistic enough to nail the theme! hehe. well, i bought it few weeks before and been craving to wear it since then. so, this event by the Hijabista Mag was the moment that i've been waiting for. thanks all for the fabulous evening. :)

Oh all items here are a brand new one. Kimono cardigan as the main actor is a piece that i've been eyeing all this time and finally, got this with the dreaming price of RM35. yeahhhhh i don't care whether it is still in-trend or not haha as long as i own one! LOL 

Then, next would the chiffon maxi skirt that i got during the YES with only RM40. huhu actually the MNG basic shirt and belt also got at a discounted pricing, RM35 each. Wahhh indulgence! sure will hunting more in future hahaha habes laki akuh~! LOL

Thanks for visiting and reading tho. :)

Photographed by @Fanacheksaat and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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