Oh Eiffel, I Am Not Trying To Cheat On You!

Eiffel necklace is from Guangzhou not Paris. lol

Firstly, Sorry for such tittle as that is the only thing that i could think at this moment. LOL. undeniably, LOVE is the compulsory element that popping up in my head everytime looking at the Eiffel. huhu i bet every girls are like that lorh.

So basically, my mood is swinging between excitement, sleeplessness, those butterfly crawling in stomach lol, never-the-end pondering and praying and yup, the unwanted laziness! those are what i needed to face every night when i could just blankly staring at the lappy and whispering "Oh dem i got so much things need to be update!!"

My tight schedule is staring at 9am to 5.30pm as for the working hr, then 6pm busying with bathing, washing, cooking, eating, pampering myself, Errr non-stop whatsappinggg and ta-da 9pm is the time for my current addiction of a Korean series called as Queen In-Hyun's Man, then continue at 10pm another freaking awesome series named as Reply 1994. seriously both are killer and extremely addicted! and well, i just can't skip any episode tho. huhu

So, there you go. after those packed timeline, i am just toooooo lazy to do anything else. Errr...yet my GOOD NIGHT wish gonna be at around 3am! sleeplessness continue to repeat.

Thanks for visiting and reading lovelies.  :)


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  1. Love ur new header! So beautiful. Oh. What a tight schedule. Working life.. cant imagine myself in it yet..

  2. ohhh tqsm dear for constant love muahhh3x :)))


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