A Tea Time with The Gadis Manis Malaysia @Publika

 Me with The founder of Gadis Manis Malaysia, she is the sweeeeett Florence :)

Surprisingly, i thought that the main person behind this amazing idea is either a Malay / Chinese or an India but then, when they introduced me to the real lady boss, she is actually a foreigner who married to a local lucky man. Wallahh! 

yup, she made me soooooooo proud to claim myself as a Malaysian yet in the same time, i feel a bit ashamed of myself since all of this time, we (Malaysian) are not really appreciating our own culture in which it is valuable to the eyes of an outsider. hmmm...thanks for the lesson of the day.

So basically, Gadis Manis Malaysia is representing 3 main races; Malay, Chinese and Indian who being named as Gowry, Yati and Ah Chik. the selling items are wide; accessories, stationery, bags, clothes and etc. check the page here.

They are crafty, vibrant and well-designed to display the uniformity and uniqueness of Malaysian perfectly. i was being told the silver platinum embellishment which can see on those bags are made by the well-known Royal Selangor. hmmm...high quality indeed.

Here are the sneak peek. :)

how can i say no to songket. one of Malaysia GREATEST craft. original from Terengganu.
play with the house of 3 dolls; Gowry, Yati and Ah Chik.
Simple tee but comes with a meaningful motif on it.
my dearest babe, Sabby thanks dear jemput i...till we meet again yar!  :)
each bag comes with an exclusive silver platinum on it.
pretty necklace.
some idea for those tourist to bring back home.
the beautiful pendant is named as GULA which means sweet.
me with the invited bloggers of the evening.
hahahha..yup, everybody should grab their bags! lol this is outlet@Publika.
Mad About Coco for all the choc addicted!!
Oh, the tea time was more than perfect when we had our chocsss while chit chatting to each other.
thanks for this lovely goodies. :)

Well, they are actually taking lot of inquiries from the corporate houses. yup, please go to the web and contact them for any deal as they can also customize your order based on the interest and budget. huhu very convenience.

Not to worry as you can also make a visit to their outlets which stated as followed:

Kuala Lumpur
- Bank Negara Musuem
- Kita Kita, Damansara Heights
- Trebeca, BV2
- The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
- Locus By Isofu, Publika

- Eastern & Oriental Hotel
- Golden Sands Resort
- Straits Collection Boutique
- Tropicl Spice Garden
- Lone Pine Hotel

Langkawi Island
- Bon Ton Resort
- The Andaman Resort
- The Datai Langkawi

More info, kindly visit the official page here.

Credit goes to Gadis Manis Malaysia and my dear Sabby Prue for this lovely invitation. yup, i have a very good time, knowing my own culture and learning more through the eyes of the others. thanks a lot for having me yar! :)


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