Look #122 - Killing Me Softly With This Wind

Well, my current obsession is mix 'n match those items in the wardrobe. yup, both the top and the bottom are coming separately. probably some of you've already seen the tailor-made mermaid skirt in here and actually the original top is in here hmmm...never tired of it yet. :)

Then, i got the top from the recent fashion swap event by the Hijabista Mag which i shared in here. Oh very satisfy with this exchanging which i gave away my lita booth to be swap with this turquoise peplum and never did i remember that the colour is matching with this skirt perfectly. huhu indulgence!

More on the accessories; stunning satin scarf is mom's, Aviator is from Mango and the only ribbon belt in my closet is from Guangzhou.

Me with my MamaEton. We were actually having so much of fun doing this photoshoot. hehe as the location is very fresh and breath-taking and yup, no one was there to interrupt me striking those poses above. lol. thanks mom! :)

Photographed by my mom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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