SuperShow 3 in MALAYSIA....oppa mianhae!!!

supershow,super junior
the exciting photo from the SUPERSHOW 2 in 2010.....huuuuu

still in the memory of the SWEETEST MOMENT on SUPERJUNIOR SUPERSHOW 2!!!

dehh...andwaee!! SUPERSHOW 3 by SUPER JUNIOR already finished by now...huuarrghhhhh!!! (T___T) F.Y.I they are performing LIVE today which is 19th MARCH 2011 at BUKIT JALIL, MALAYSIA!

who said i don't care bout it..?? i care so much but DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY LOL and fortunately, i have already met them LIVE here in Malaysia on the last year like TWO TIMES..! plus the stalking activity...i don't hv enough fingers to count on it!! hahahhahaha ("^____^)

the sweetest stalking moment of SUPERJUNIOR when they came here on the last 2010!

so, do i satisfied with it? of  course NOT!! guys, it is not a prob...I AM SO DAMN SURE THAT SUPER JUNIOR will come again here and doing another SUPERSHOW...100% sure! coz MALAYSIAN ELF is already part of their life.....hehehehehe~

lastly, SUPER JUNIOR is always DAEBAK!!!! saranghae oppa....~ (>.<)

the crystal clear photo of our oppa by my lovely cingu, WANIE-CHAN ^^ gumawuh unnie!

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