do i have to say anything here?? HUH...I DON'T HAVE ANY WORD TO DESCRIBE these three big and already-known bazaars/sales in MALAYSIA. now, what is left is you have to gather all your money the saving and drive yourself to any of those venue or MAYBE ALL OF THEM! ( lucky you are....~)

now, don't worry about the 'damage' that sizzle your mind because you might not FREE on those three dates. thus, look at the date again and check your schedule...don't be greedy..okeyh?! ("^___^) for more info please visit TONGUEINCHIC by CLICK HERE

don't ask me whether im going or not...HUH as usual lots of obstacles! anyhow, IM EAGER TO HOLD THE CAMERA AND CAPTURE bunch of fashionista of those event...SERIOUSLY I LOVE TO DO IT so damn much!!!

then, just wait and see LOL~

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  1. this weekend one sure cannot =,= got one kenduri to attend.

  2. huhu sy pon xsure lg...but maybe g la kot...hehehhe nk g juge nk g juge!

  3. suzai aww thanks babe (:
    eh really u nak pergi obb? jgn dtg lmbt2 pulak tau. i free sebelum pukul tiga je. dtg awal eh hihi

  4. heheh..insyAllah i'll b there early if im not sesat at all! hahaha shah alam mmg klemahan sy LOL~

    yeahh..smoga kt b'jumpe yerr.. ">.<


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