LOOK #12 - it is always SUMMER here

hijabi fashion

black pashmina scarf from Times Square
70's yellow blouse stole from my mom's old wardrobe
repeating the same blue jeans
sling bag a gift from my friend
the killer booties bought from the Chic Pop street market

hijabi fashion

This is just a simple wear that i wore when me and my girlfriend go makan-makan. yup, it is REALLY straightforward, jeans&blouse but i LOVE it so much as much as YELLOW colour here (you should know by now that MY FAV HUE is always YELLOW...pull stop!) (^______^)

As i said in the previous-previous fashion post, i love the outfit to be simple BUT NOT THE HIJAB style because once you keep it as simple as your outfit==> daaangg...you've got nothing!!!

but when you do some stylo-mylo hijab wrapping, you can successfully turn your lucid outfit to an outstanding one! (heh heh heh i end up giving my own fashion philosophy here...hahahhahah) ("^______^)


So, long time no see huh?! its all because of when im in the mood of writing, the CONNECTION was like h**l (can i used it???? erkkk~ ) but whenever im in NO MOOD of it, the connection was like heaven lah plak kan..cehhh!!! so, now although i have to go to sleep, i still need to update a thing for you guys...huhuuu

hemmm...yup, im back with FASHION. Honestly, i miss to dress myself BEAUTIFULLY (overr nyerr...!) do some make-up and strike a model's look-a-like pose and upload it here and lastly rumbling about the entire outfit. huh, i just don't have time for that anymore since this is 1 month before i go through the FINAL EXAMINATION, so it is bit busy LOL~

thus, forgive me if there is NO UPDATE in a moment and obviously I DON'T DO ANY BLOGWALKING anymore....sorry for that. InsyAllah, if i have some free time in the future, i will okeyhh...

last but not least...THANKS A LOT FOR THE FOLLOWERS and for whom who just visited here, if you love my broken english writing and my perasan nak jadi model poses, you can click the follow button..erk~ hehhehehe ^^ ADIOS!

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  1. suzaiiiiii nampak kurus dah laaa..gila laa.... jeles2~

  2. kak ungu..HAHAHHA TERIMAS im on diet okeyhh "^^ tp kdg2 terlepas jugerrrr..heh

  3. mau nye tak kuruss..petang-petang dah duk lap sport shoe depan bilik kannn... gilerr ahhhh~

  4. HAHHAHAAH xd BEST GLER klu just lap kasut latuh le kurus...CEHH!!! tdk smudah itu sy terseksa kak..~ haha


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