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As i promised you guys, i wanna share one of the event that happened here in my uni which i was one of the committee. hemmmm...we were worked on it from the last year, October and thanks God finally it happened on the last 27th February 2011. Alhamdulillah...

This grand event was named as Appreciation & Closing Ceremony of ENGITEX 2011. while, ENGITEX 2011 is the shortcut of ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION 2011 which is like an annual event that organized by the kulliyyah of engineering, IIUM in every year.

Basically ENGITEX contents of several sub-programs such as WISH, TEX-C, ISEC and E-care. ( too lazy to describe it one by one......~) but in a short brief this big event is all about INVENTION, technology and anything related to ENGINEERING itself!


hey, these gediks picture of mine are related with this post okeyhh...heh heh ^^ actually i wanna brief you a bit about my post in this event as the head of Publicity&Promotion bureau (well can include the multimedia as well...~).

We worked mostly on design from designing the invitation card, poster, bunting, banner as well as the backdrop. Besides, we also did something on the audio and sounds that need to be arrange during the whole event. As for this, we have to cooperate with the IIUM Centre for Professional Development (CPD), IIUM staff who's in-charge of the audio-visual kind of stuff.

yup, im working at the backstage where HONESTLY i love to be on the stage not the other way around. hahahhaa....but takkan nak menyanyi plak atas stage kan? so, terpaksalah telan liur dok tepi stage jerr....tak suka taaauww! hahhahaha ("^_____^)


and here are the pretty ladies who worked with me through the event. THANKS girls and again, if i did anything that might sounds like a lady boss..hahhaha please forgive me erk "^^ neway, nice meeting you all sisters~ oppss...also thanks to bro fahrul who is not in the pic!

HANTU LARI!!! jap pasal muka akuh cam tepong goma?!! ok its all bcoz of the F.L.A.S.H

and here is my OFFICIAL bf...erkk???? hahahhahah NO NO my OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER LOL~ mr. Haizam who captured all those excellent photos of the event. nice job as usual LOL and here from the deep of my heart....THANKS a lot beb! (^.^)


now, these familiar faces are my beloved cingu who are the reason of me SMILING ear to ear everyday in the class...erkkk~ bukan saya ke yang slalu wat korang gelak terbahak-bahak...cehhh ini sudah salah~ hahahaha...neway, knew that i love you rite?? ("^_____^)

tengok tengok sapekah yang semangat kat depan sekali nu...................hahahhaa

huhu..last but still in the list, to all the Appreciation & Closing Ceremony of ENGITEX 2011 committees, you guys are great as great as our event that night! yup, im having a good time working with all of you and specially to our MR. PROGRAM MANAGER... (^^) encik Ridhuwan, thanks for invited me to join your program and please know that im happy to be part of it!

END with keeping this as one of the best memory in IIUM!!!

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  1. LOL Akk mngenali itu haizam..haha insyAllah XD kembang kempis la dia nanti..hahhahaha

  2. thx cik jujai=)x bgs sgt sbb dah lama x amik pict..n sorry x byk pict u.hehe
    wei iqa!!!!!!!lama seh x ketemu!lanje ak!=p..hahaha

  3. cek haizam..thanks 4 d vsting ^^ tu y i marah tu pic i xbyk pon...bkn u jnji nk mek byk2 ke..penat i pkai cantek2 tau!! hhahahhaha XD

  4. suzai, dtg tak stellar vintage bazaar? here's the link

    i might be attending, kalau u pun pergi, boleh jumpa u kat sana (:

  5. hemm..tu la tgh pikir ni nk g ke x...hihi mcm nk..oh u pg ke..bestnye le jmp kn...camne ek.. "^^

    insyAllah kot..klu g maybe ptg r kot br sampe...hehe thanks 4 d invitation ^^

  6. arr dtg la dtg la (: hoping to meet u there (:

  7. ika sorry sgt i cant make it..huhu this weekend is not a week 4 me to rest huh!

    insyALLAH NEX TIME WE GONNA MEET AT ANOTHER FASHION event k babe..i'll inform u if i go to any of them...huuuuu so sad!


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