LOOK #13 - risky red for the spring

old blossom box preloved

red blooming scarf from Times Square
long sleeve tee from Wangsa Maju
skinny belt from OU with only RM1!
repeating the same blue jeans
creamy brogues from blogshop
sling bag, gift from a friend ^^

fashion,spring 2011

yeahhhh...im back with fashion for this week update! so, be ready to be distract by bunch of the sylist hijabi that i have successfully captured at the Old Blossom Box PRELOVED Sale under my special streetstyle segment here! (so excited about this one~)

now, lets talk about my outfit here. actually i've wore the bright red tee and the jeans on the previous-previous look but this time it was more style and drama. i've added the blooming scarf and brogues to accomplish this casual streetstyle look. Oh, okey the neryd glasses give some effect to the whole look!

obviously, nothing is branded here. i just wore what i have and what im comfortable with. so, if you love this whole look don't hesitate to click the HYPE button on my LOOKBOOK.nu album yarr (^____^)

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  1. pprrgghhh... nice one.... i like ur style :)

  2. oh sayang u look so cute with those glasses on (:

    btw, i tak sempat dtg prelove sale tu sbb i berkejar nak pergi melaka masa tu.
    tapi chic pop street market tu confirm i pergi (:

  3. ika..tu r i tunggu gak u..dh la xknal xd number sume kn..hahha eh, i xle g la chic POP huhuhuuu de exam! =(


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