the scariest date of every year is coming....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

hahhaha..yup IT SCARE ME A LOT as the fact that it increase my age constantly!! Waaarrghhhhhhhh...SAYA TAKNAK TUA BOLEH?!?!!!! ("^.^) if you guys have a herb or any spell that can stop the time and maintain my age as now....GIMME A CALL k~ huh!

erk...maybe I CAN BE A VAMPIRE so that i will get the immortal life and be young forever rite...hahahhaha then, go and find ERIC NORTHMAN from the hot series true blood to forever marry me!! XD

neway, this is the year that i wish i can be a BETTER muslim, daughter, sister, friend and human...amin..~ yup, they were the same wish that i had for the past-past birthday but it still didn't happen. so, i hope this year gonna be different and all those prays are not just a blank pray.

thus, the Almighty GOD, hopefully i can fight through all the bad influences around me, level up my patience, control my emotional my temper and so on, reward me the long-life the health the rizk and the happiness around my loved one...amin...

lastly, lets together shout out....SAENGIL CHUKA HAMNIDA SUZAI!!! (^_______^) OH, tq tq tq~

The date is coming..
Nervousness is rising..
I don't know what am I thinking...
But only you that I've been waiting..~

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  1. Happy Besday 2 U..may allah bless U

  2. Allah selamat kan kamu,,Allah selamatkan kamu,Allah selamatkan suzai..Allah selamatkan kamu..happy brthday my dear suzai

  3. salam...

    happy besday..moga dipjgkan umur, dimurahi rezeki..bahagia di dunia dan akhirat...amin..

  4. ohh..thanks a lot my dear alief...skg sy rase muncung awk mmg manis! heheheh tq yer ^^

  5. amin....thanks a lot sekamar rindu ^^

  6. yay!!! ni buat alief makin syg ni..nasib baek alief tak ada sayap..kalau ada,alief dah terbang dah ke situ,nyanyi lagu birthday utk suzai..haha

  7. haha...tq alief! xp lar awk nyanyi dlm hati jer...i dh ble dgr kat cni...ewahhhh!! XD

  8. Hepi b'day Suzai!! Better late wish than never.
    Semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki selalu! =)

  9. amin..THANKS A LOT mr.zamri... (^_____^) im so glad to receive ur wish here..hehehehehe~


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