LOOK #4 - This is REALLY me!

today entry gonna babble about
the CASUAL style of mine
yeahhh..it is REALLY SIMPLE
as i told you before
i am the person who just LOVE jeans and tee
but as for the hijab, i will make it look EXTRA-touch
hemmm...yup THIS IS ME!! ^^

the photoshoot was done at the Petronas Gombak..i think..
forget already lor~
and as you can see
i didn't wear any make-up as usual photoshoot
hahahhaha..KANTOI jerr
kan buruk je muka original saye tuh!! ^^

because that time i just arrive from the
climbing plus waterfall activity with my friends
and multiply with the driving in the busy traffic of K.L!!
it is really TIRING tho =P

 and here is the 'makcek'
who always with me..^^
we're studying together, shopping together, 
dieting together and GOSSIPING together
she was even the CAMERA woman behind all this things ^^
THANKS cek piqah

L.O.V.E you girl!!!

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  1. without make-up pun still comel...

  2. ha'a la ni petronas gombak. byk kenangan kt sini aw.

  3. wah.. jadi model petronas.. menarik!

  4. ii like the colour of your outfit..so fresh..

  5. hanis-->tq ^^
    farihah-->huhu knangan pe tuh ek >__<
    gnesop-->haha petronas u cn call me!
    dorothy-->thanx dear ^^


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