LOOK #4 - This is REALLY me!

By Monday, September 06, 2010 ,

today entry gonna babble about
the CASUAL style of mine is REALLY SIMPLE
as i told you before
i am the person who just LOVE jeans and tee
but as for the hijab, i will make it look EXTRA-touch
hemmm...yup THIS IS ME!! ^^

the photoshoot was done at the Petronas Gombak..i think..
forget already lor~
and as you can see
i didn't wear any make-up as usual photoshoot
hahahhaha..KANTOI jerr
kan buruk je muka original saye tuh!! ^^

because that time i just arrive from the
climbing plus waterfall activity with my friends
and multiply with the driving in the busy traffic of K.L!!
it is really TIRING tho =P

 and here is the 'makcek'
who always with me..^^
we're studying together, shopping together, 
dieting together and GOSSIPING together
she was even the CAMERA woman behind all this things ^^
THANKS cek piqah

L.O.V.E you girl!!!

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  1. without make-up pun still comel...

  2. ha'a la ni petronas gombak. byk kenangan kt sini aw.

  3. wah.. jadi model petronas.. menarik!

  4. ii like the colour of your fresh..

  5. hanis-->tq ^^
    farihah-->huhu knangan pe tuh ek >__<
    gnesop-->haha petronas u cn call me!
    dorothy-->thanx dear ^^


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