DIGI iPhone 4 play

huuuu..i am NOT A PHONE HUNTER!!!!
yup that is the truth fact of myself
even i don't eager to go and shop for a new phone
(as the previous entry told it all, i don't buy any phone by myself yet)

but when this touch screen phone exist
which then i know it was called as iPhone!! ^^
being the hot-talk
among my colleagues as well as my sister..
i keep looking for it
coz i wanna know 
pe yang BEST SAAANGAAT KERR iPhone nih??!??

and yup one of my Bestie
is using this 'touch-touch' screen phone
so, i borrow-lah to play with the applications ^___^

as i LOVE outdoors activity a lot,
especially HIKING and camping
so, then when i go for such activity
i tend to leave my RM400 phone at home
there will be no line and
i don't have any reason to keep carrying the RM400 phone
into the JUNGLE!!
**sounds of the birds chipping**

hence, my first sight LOVE iTunes apps is..
i found it WWwoowww
a PHONE can do a thing like these??!!!
i am a frog who trapped under the coconut shell lor~
i am sure you will admire it too..let me prove it here..

Find Your Way

you LOVE camping just like me. now you don't have a prob for finding a new hot spot as this app features hundreds of detailed maps that cover over 220,000 miles of trails and thousands of campgrounds and recreational areas.

iBird Explorer Backyard
Watch the birdie

well, i am not a BIRDIE luvvy person but i know lots of the outdoor people especially the photographer will LOVE this app as this interactive field will guide you search for the North American birds by color, shape, habitat, and location.

Surf Report
Hang 10

okeyhhh i know in MALAYSIA there is ONE-AND-ONLY surf beach which is SUNWAY LAGOON SURF BEACH..hahahahhaha XD
but for those who are really into this activity sure will go oversea to feel the real surfing experience. So, that time this app is THE BEST for those hot surf dudes..huuuUUUuuuuuu

okeyhh okeyy sorry for the over imagination of mine..hehe..  ^^
This app will help you a lot as it  gives you the surf height, swell direction, tide, weather, and more at thousands of beaches. It even helps you locate the best beaches in your area. 

Butterflies Collection
Browse some butterflies

This will be MY SISTER playing tool WHEN I GET THIS iPhone!!! ^^
she LOVES butterflies a lot so,she can explore a picture library of butterflies and moths from all over the world.there are 240 of these enchanting insects.
well for an artist, these captivating insects can maybe inspire your arts as well!

MyNature Animal Tracks
Watch their step

for the jungle lover, this app can help you to know your enemy!
since this app gives you the digital photos, illustrations, and range maps for over 40 animals whether big or small. It help you identify tracks based on size and shape.
GGGRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr ^^

iNaVx Marine Navigation
Sail the high seas

If you wanna go for sailing, the first thing first is YOU HAVE TO CHECK the weather, tide, current forecast and so on. Now you don't have to do all the stuff like ONE MONTH AGO because this app will instantly turns your iPhone into a detailed NOAA RNC U.S. waters marine chart, then plots your position in real time.
so, just bring your PHONE and go for SAILING!! ^^

Knot Guides
Learn the ropes

it is weird huh..i choose this one as my TOP pick..hahaha
long time ago and till now, i do LOVE TO LEARN all the types of knots because i found it so0o interesting..hahahha I AM A WEIRDO rite?! ^^

so, when i know that this iPhone will provide you this type of app
i just WWWwwoooww it AWESOME!!!!
it will help to learn those knots by just watch and learn with picture and ALSO VIDEO tutorials for over 88 different types of knots!! 
how INTEERESTING it is..huh??!!!?? 

huhh..OBVIOUSLY there are lots more GREAT APPS
from this incredible iPhone
you can CHECK IT by yourself

with the HIGH QUALITY camera phone
and HD video app 
but then, with the super-duper great outdoor apps
again this iPhone successfully CAPTURED THE WHOLE OF MY HEART!!

so..gimme gimme gimme
i am desperately wanna have this
DIGI iPhone!!!!!

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