my SOLO babes

OPPPSSS before that,
CONGARATULATION to ms SizzlingSuzai..hehe
as i won myself a pair of Vaselin party invitation
by NUFFNANG!!!!!
yup i've got the invitation today..
so...i should start thinking about the outfit now..
thanks a lot guys for the wishes.. ^^

my SOLO besties since the high school
we are so0o close since we live in the hostel
so we shared the pillow, the plate and everything
huhuuuu THE MEMORIES are 'too great' to be describe! ^^

The beautiful Nur Atiqah (makcek poyo jerr heh)
The soft Siti Nurliyana Jawawi 
(makcek yg lg lah poyo..ayu heh~ known as Noly ^^)

hehehehhe SOLO here didn't meant SINGLE!!
no means a SOLO SINGER
because three of us were always been choose to lead a nasyeed group
hhehehehhehe..yup i involved in nasyeed during school time ^^
and people said that our voice is hemmm..hemm
arghhh doesn't have to be explain more lah..haha

therefore lah kan,
we share the same interest
which is Singing or KARAOKE!!!
 its been a long time
i didn't go for such activity
huhhuu..due to the economical aspect ><
plus no geng!!!

sempena hari raya yang mulia ini ^^
we have planned to go for it
no matter lah..
we wore baju kurung and heels or whatever the condition is.
we were still eager to shout and scream out that day
and it was SO MUCH OF FUN
and satisfying as well..
giler kelakar sal bil n time nak balik tuh..
waarghhhhh...xtahan tol..hahahahha

so make sure we don't go there again 
lets ALAMANDA plak
coz i am making the new list of songs to be sing
i knew u guys love me...
so, L.O.V.E u back gurls!!!

feeling is A MUST okeyhh...haha

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