happy eid mubarak

although the blessing Ramadhan has gone
but we are still here to celebrate the happening Syawal in the year of 2010

yup right now
i am busy celebrating this muslim festival
but i do promise you the post of it
PLUS with my GLAMOROUS look of my baju raya

this year is the turn of
CREAM with the touch of BLACK lace
i LOVE it soo0oo much
for sure will upload it here.. ^^

heh i think i should stop here
coz tomorrow i have to wake up earlier than usual
as we are planning to visit our relatives

c ya and to all the Muslim all over the world
SELAMAT HARI RAYA @ heppy eid mubarak
and wish you guys have a GREAT moments

to the non-muslim
you guys also should join us
go and visit your Muslim friends yarrr.. ^^

will be continue!

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