thanks to PSD!


okeyyh...SYAWAL mode is still on the air guys ^^
but abviously those photos
opppss..the EDITED photos were post here
not to show you my Hari Raya 'happy' facial expression!
but eager to show you
how much i appreciate the existing of this free software

you know that
i LOVE to camwhore myself
but i DON'T own any professional camera a.k.a DSLR
even the DIGITAL CAMERA ponnnn..
SHOOOoooottTTTT!!!!! ~______~

what is the one and only
camera that i used here is
my 1Mgpxl Sony Ericsson phone camera

the quality of the pic
is of course BAD
well extreamely BAD at night
and boleh lah during the SHINY hot day ok
hahahhahaa..see how poor i am!

opppsss..sorry out of topic
hahhaha actually i wanted to story about the
brilliant photoshop that i used to convert
my POOR+bad pic to WWoooowww pic
just by editing the..
brightness, contrast and what-so-ever-lah
as example this one...

    the original
 the edited one..(Japanese street mag style)

i know you gurls want this pic editing tutorial,
well, especially when your face
is FULL with the 'horror' pimples
and burn like the 'bontot kuali'
hemmm....not to day lor
i will insyALLAH post the tutorial here..
so wait for them yarrr..hehehehe

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