Piranha 3D 2010

NOTE: this is not a 18SX blog..please IGNORE the top silhouette ^^)

hi dear reader..
who claimed themselves
as a moviegoer..hohoho
here i am presenting the review of a hot talk movie
some short facts about this film

Directed by Alexandre Aja,
3D comedy horror type of movie
and it is a remake of 1978 film
one of the cast is my CUTIE-PIE
Steven R. McQueen

looks FAMILIAR huh.. ^^
nah, i give you more!

in a simple intro
HE is JEREMY in the hot series Vampire Diaries!
arghhhhhh..i just FALL IN LOVE
with his innocent eyebrows
okeyhh this is my 1st actor crush story!

huhuhuuu..lets proceed about the film ^^
the story started in a residential near the Victoria Lake
when a small earthquake hits, splitting the lake floor
and causing a whirlpool
then the murder stories occur one by one

from the  fisherman who then found as the dead body in the lake
then the scuba divers who came to investigate the whirlpool
were eaten by the group of the piranha..(haha eaten!)

instantly Jake's mother, Sheriff Julie Forester
(Jake is my BOYFRIEND that i told you above ^^)
go and seek explaination
from Mr. Goodman, a marine biologist in that place
He then explains that 
the piranhas are a prehistoric species, long believed-extinct,
and must had been trapped underground 
for over two million years!!

so, how that the group of PIRANHAS survive?
what is going to happen to all the people? 
well, especially my HOT darling!!
and how they stop all the crazy PIRANHAS??
the ANSWER of course..

since all the shock scenes are work
it is SCARY or you will yell "Euuww.." for the scene! 
don't watch this film while you are enjoying your iftar
hahahah..because the whole movie is full of bloody flesh!
(it WORKS tho ^^)

can say like..
welcome to the world of stomach-churning journey
where the BLUE BEAUTIFUL Victoria Lake
turns into RED thirsty-blood!

oppss..the important rating of mine
i give 4.90 starts out of 5!
huuuuu..nah nah nah
check out the HD official TRAILER..

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  1. hehehe ingat cerita binatang2 pemangsa ni dah tak relevan lagi zaman skang ni, tapi tengok cam ok je cerita ni kot, sbb production team dia power. Hmmm...

  2. hehe..gen
    layan jer cter ni best lar..
    scary die jadi or maybe coz i tgk kat cinema kn..effect lbh sket ^^


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