Are You Moist Enough?

be it DAY or NIGHT..
i don't face any problem to self-cam myself
as i am always ready to be shoot
my secret is..

to look good..
you have to be confident with yourself
plus believe that you are beautiful too ^^
and the most crucial is..
always ready to unrevealed YOUR SKIN
now how to achieve the last part..??!??

once upon a time,
there was a girl name Suzai
(who then known as Sizzling Suzai ^^ )
she was happily playing under the BRIGHT shinny sun
without wondering about the DARK SKIN!!
then sleep tightly in the AIR-CONDITIONER
without wondering about the DRY SKIN!!

but ever since she entered the 'lady' world..
she is now being concern about her skin care
from head to toes
and from repairing to moist and to whitening!
but what is the BEST among the bunch of products in the market?!

the expert skin care brand
had launched their new products
in conjunction with the Amazing Skin campaign
which seeks to empower women to love and appreciate their skin,
not just the face but the entire body!

they came out with the
4 body lotions with 4 different rescues
here it is..

Total Moisture
Healthy White
Aloe Cool and Fresh
Intensive Rescue

Vaseline's new skin care range is now available 
at all leading retail pharmacies and supermarkets
RM3.90, RM13.00, and RM18.10 
for pack sizes of 120ml, 250ml and 400ml.

Therefore, now you don't have to always worry
about your look in the camera
because you just have to run to the store
and GRAB those VASELINE!!!
and nah, you can have
all together..
GREAT photos as well as GREAT SKIN!

"lets celebrate our AMAZING SKIN with VASELINE"
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  1. fuhyooo!!!

    entri ko buat lagi cun..

  2. hahaha... sama2 moist la kita. tapi brat Most Obviously Indefinitely Super Terrific. hehe XD

  3. betul..
    yg penting yakin diri..
    biler kiter yakin..
    kiter akan nmpak cntek...
    tak kire la kiter pakai aper pun tetap nmpak cntek

  4. ms ave t...thanx a lot.. ^^
    i do hope i'll win this ~___~

  5. thanks guys
    4 all the wishes here..
    yeeahhhhhhh I HVE GOT THE INVITATION today!!!
    hopefully i won the best entry lor~
    ching ching ching I NEED MONEY!!! ^^


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